Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Power 90 - Week 1, Day 3

Week 1

I really hate it when I wake up 20 minutes before my alarm goes off... Five minutes okay... One minute, awesome... But 20?  And of course I had to think about my workout... =)  So I pretty much laid there waiting for my clock to go off.  Which is okay... I was awake and ready to go...

Today's workout was interesting.  I knew the routine, so no surprises there.  The amazing thing is that I keep forgetting its actually 30 minutes.  It seriously flies by.  I was able to push myself alot more today, which is great.  I like feeling like I am just getting that last rep done, or pushing out that last curl.  I am waiting on the BowFlex 552 dumbbells to arrive, which will really take up a notch.  The bands are awesome for traveling, but if I have the opportunity to use free weights, I'm going to choose them every time.

Since this is my first week working out in the morning I'm still getting used to having my evenings open.  Usually by the time I got home and worked out it was well beyond our normal dinner time and next thing you know, it's time for bed...  So working out in the morning is really allowing me to spend more time with the kids and my wife...

Really excited about Sweat 1-2 tomorrow...

Until then... =)

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