About Me

 I've always been an all or nothing kind of guy.  I never did anything half way and since I was a bit of a closet perfectionist, if I couldn't do it right, I wouldn't do it at all.  This lead to me getting discouraged very easily and quitting diet after diet that I started.  A lot of times I would start a diet and do very well for several weeks and then I would cheat and go out for a bad dinner, or drink a few extra beers after dinner.  I would end up dissapointed that I had "failed" myself and quit.  That's when I would simply give in and eat and eat and eat...

Growing up a teenager in Southern California was interesting.  Tons of outdoor activities and sports.  The beach, the pool, the mall.  You HAD to look your best and there were a lot of very good looking people around, so there was some mild social pressure to look your best.  I was an overweight teenager and I had struggled for years with my weight till I reached 15.  Both of my older brothers were both very thin and I was the younger, chubby brother.  I had taken all I could and I decided to throw myself into a new lifestyle.  I started swimming everyday, working out, eating less and eating healthy when I did eat.  Things went VERY well for me.  I hit a growth spurt and by the time I was almost 16 I had gone from 198 lbs to 150 lbs!  I had done it!  I was skinny, for the first time in my life.  Not only skinny, but toned and muscular.  I finally was happy with myself and I had a much better time with my life in general.

Lets skip ahead a few years.  I am 22 and I decided to  move to the mid-west.  Coming to Kansas was a big shock.  Unfortunately, fitness & healthy eating weren't mainstream here at all.  There is a ton of "Home Cooking" and fast food restaurants.  The weather went from ice to humid hot days so there wasn't a lot of opportunity for outdoor sports.  I started hanging out with a crowd that liked to party a lot and I ended up eating poorly.

Fast forward about ten years...

I was now married with four children.  My weight had fluctuated almost a dozen times in the last five years and if there was a book on Amazon about dieting, you can bet I had it on my book shelf.  I did them all and I'll admit that I had mild success.  But the diet would be so severe that I wouldn't stick with it and I would give up and gain it all back.  I became a human fat sponge, as gross as that sounds.  I would soak up all that weight and then, if I put my mind to it, I would lose it all.  But it always came back.  And it started to become harder to lose.  I was getting worried.

One winters day in 2011, feeling very overweight and tired of how I looked I got on my computer and discovered BeachBody.  I had heard so much about the P90X workout and decided to check it out.  I was a little intimidated by the P90X program so I decided to try the Power 90 program.  And you know what?  I finally found a lifestyle that I could adopt.  Not only am I watching what I eat AND eating healthy, delicious food, but I also have a workout program that I can do in my home, year round.  Its fun, its as intense as I want it to be and I am getting RESULTS.  Not the "Oh yeah, I feel pretty good results" but the "What the heck is happening to me? I feel like SuperMan!" results.  I am 100% dead serious and I will rarely spend THIS much time writing on the web about something.  But I am a true believer.  Check out my 15 day photos on my Blog Post to see what I mean.  And that is only after TWO WEEKS!

After Power 90 I am going to be doing the P90X program.  I have to admit that I am VERY excited.  If I got these kind of results from Power 90, then I can expect even greater results from P90X.  One thing that I swear by is the Shakeology supplement that BeachBody makes.  I've had all kinds of different energy drinks and protein shakes.  This is different.  This is so many things carefully packaged in a shiny, sleek bag.  It has given me energy, it has made me feel calm and relaxed all day AND its helped me lose weight and cut fat, quickly.

I have received SO much inspiration from other people who went through the BeachBody programs and have used Shakeology.  Check out YouTube.  Its INSANE.  There are people that were much heavier than I with amazing results.  I want to pass on that inspiration to anyone I can.  And I am committed to this new lifestyle of fitness, nutrition and happiness.  I have been given my life back by this program.  That's a bold statement, but that is how I feel, inside and as you can see, outside as well.

You have to decide after reading this if that is what you want.  Do you want to be in the best shape of your life?  Do you want to feel happy about your appearance again?  Do you want to lose that weight and feel better?  These are all good questions to ask.  Of course we know what the answer is.  YES!  Its just a matter of deciding that is what you want and deciding to make it happen...  The choice is yours...  Let me help you succeed.

Dave Riley