Monday, May 30, 2011

Power 90 - Week 1, Day 2...

Week 1

Howdy all!   Happy Memorial Day!! 

Well, I was feeling very tired when I woke up this morning.. Sluggish in fact... Luckily my wife was getting up with me so there was no dilly dallying going on. =)

I will be getting up before work to do this workout so its good to see how I will react to the workout when I'm still sleepy. It wasn't that bad at all actually. I was slow at first but the Power Yoga really gets you heated up quickly. I was really surprised by how much muscle I was working on the cardio day. My chest felt all pumped up by the time I got finished. My legs are my weakest area right now (second to abs) and I did struggle with some of the leg phases, but I did not give in. I would stop and let the burn go down for a few seconds and drop back in.

I really like how Tony Horton encourages you to take it at your own pace. That really helps when I have a muscle in fatigue.

All in all I am still very excited with the program and even more excited that my wife is doing it with me. It REALLY helps to have a partner that is motivated with you.

Oh, and I dropped a half pound overnight... Say hello to 190!

Oh and a completely off topic, side note... I wanted to share an interesting thought that I had yesterday after a walk...  Growing up Memorial Day was always a BBQ, have fun outside, hang out with friends kind of a day...  What I realized last night, especially in recent years, that this day isn't that kind of day for someone who lost a loved one in a war...  So, I think when we are at the BBQ or swimming in the pool, we should remember that there are families that are suffering today remembering their lost ones... wishing that they were here with them... 

Signing off...


  1. great to see another guy on the Beachbody program! My wife started with Slim in Six, now she is doing P90X with me. Great job with the blog, tbh I wish I had the smarts to do one myself. See you in Chris and Tekoas group!

  2. Not to rain on your parade but don't weigh yourself more than once a week maximum. For the average male, it is not uncommon for their weight to fluctuate by 2-3 pounds throughout the day. You don't want to get all excited about a half pound loss overnight then get all angry when you gained 3 pounds back later that night. It just gets very overwhelming and you start to lose focus on the ultimate goal.

  3. Oh I definitely agree. I don't react to the results, I guess its more of a habit... A see where I am at, sort of thing. I appreciate the feedback though! Thanks!