Sunday, May 29, 2011

Power 90 - Week 1, Day 1

Week 1

Wow... lol That's about all I can say...  I got a late start today since my kids were sick and my wife and I had to go to two different services at Church.  After she got back though I popped in the DVD and was ready...  In my excitement I didn't pay attention and I started the Sweat 1-2 program...  About 25 minutes in I realized that I was doing the wrong work out! LOL  So I switched over to the strength workout, Sculpt 1-2 and completed it and the Ab Ripper 100.

I know I kind of overdid it but it was so much fun I couldn't stop.  I'm really surprised by how smoothly the routine went.  I was never bored and I never felt like I couldn't keep up.  I did have to take a rest until I realized that Tony Horton gives you a break AND takes time for stretching...  a huge bonus since I can keep up most of the time as long as I have a few seconds to let my muscles stop burning...

Another huge feature was the timers in the lower right hand corner.. Being able to keep track of how much time I had left to push and be able to know how much total time left really helped me stay in the game.  In some workout videos I'd feel like I'd be doing exercise forever and really didn't have a goal line to keep my eye one... Very cool.

All in all I'm VERY happy that I started the program and the nutrition program is amazing... the last diet I was on restricted all carbs... not even good ones... No fruit?  Are you kidding me?  Today I had a slice of whole grain toast, two eggs sunny side up and a strawberry protein shake...  Compared to my last diet that is a breakfast for a king...

I also lost a pound since yesterday, which doesn't hurt either. =)

Can't wait for tomorrow...

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