Sunday, June 5, 2011

Off topic - My favoite links!

Best PC game - - AMAZING low res game... HIGHLY addictive... you were warned.. =)

Best video site - - Nice, clean, VERY interesting videos... make sure to check the archive out.

Best online bargains - - Amazing site that keeps track of different sales and specials online.  I've gotten great discounts all the way to free stuff on this site.  This is how I got my Bowflex 552 weights for $260...

Best Calorie & Fitness Tracker - - Very easy site to use and they offer an iPhone app.
I'll list more as I think of them, but those are on my top 10 for sure...  Anyone else have any favorites?

Power 90 - Week 2, Day 1

Week 2!

Amazing!  Adding the Bowflex 552 weights REALLY changed this workout... The bands were great to start and would be invaluable if I was traveling... But WOW, did the weights bring up the level on Sculpt 1-2 a few notches...

I felt like I was really struggling to finish those reps... I stuck to 8-10 on a lower weight since it was my first time... I didn't want to overdue it and hurt myself...  After I got finished I felt very pumped up... more than I ever had with the bands.  So if you are considering doing the Power 90 workout make sure to get weights if you want to make quicker progress and gain muscle quickly.

I still have not received my Shakeology... Uggg. =)  I really wanted to try it this weekend...  Hopefully I will have it tomorrow!  I've  been making protein shakes with mixed berries or bananas, which really helps enhance the flavor.  The thicker it is too, the easier it is to drink.  Making a protein shake too watery is kind of gross in my opinion.  So invest in a blender... you will be amazed at how a few berries and ice can make a normal protein shake into a dessert.

Well, that is all for today.  Really looking forward to Sweat 1-2 tomorrow!

Signing off, all...