Friday, June 3, 2011

Power 90 - Week 1, Day 6... End of week 1!

Week 1 - Complete!

Wow, I can hardly believe that my first week is over already.  Sweat 1-2 this morning was still challenging but I felt much more comfortable with the routine.   I'm definitely not sore anymore, but I do feel great the rest of the day... I think that's what is so incredible about exercising and eating right... I feel GOOD all day long... Not just, weekend in San Diego good, but two weeks in the French Riviera Good.  I had forgotten how it feels to be getting into shape and eating well... So easy to forget when I'm stagnate and eating junk... =)

I thought my Shakeology was coming today but the post office let me down... If I'm lucky I'll have it tomorrow, but worst case scenario I should have it Tuesday.

Well, not much else going on... I'm about four days from taking my first progress picture... So that will be interesting... I'm hoping its significant... I think it will be. =)

Have a great weekend all... will check in tomorrow or Sunday.