Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Power 90 - Week 2, Day 3 (My Shakeology is here!!!)

Sculpt 1-2 today went very well.  I didn't up my weights yet since I'm still worried I might hurt my shoulder... Although I didn't feel like I pushed myself as much as I would have liked, so I may up them tomorrow.  I'm getting the routine down now so I don't have to check the video as much.  I do my thing and listen for Tony to prompt me to the next move.

I guess I had a mild case of  "impatience" today. =)  My wife has been working out for a longer than I and she is showing incredible results. And well, I guess I want that too. =)  I know I have to do the work to earn it and I know that nothing good comes easy or quickly. But still. =)  I want to be ripped... NOW!

I think that is why I'm so excited about the organization of this workout. I know that tomorrow I'll get to do another fun workout and to keep moving towards the end goal.  When I would try to put my own workouts together they would get routine and boring and eventually I'd start making excuses not to go.  Don't want to find my keys, don't feel like going down, its too early, its too late, I'm tired, I'll do more tomorrow...  No more!

I have no more excuses because I won't allow them to even enter into my mind.  Yes, I've been tired when I wake up and yes I've felt edgy like I couldn't finish my workout, but I stuck to it and even if it wasn't my best, I still gave it.  And in a way that made it my best.  Because me working out when I don't feel like it is still bringing it.  AND its me not giving into my weaknesses.

On a very exciting note, my Shakeology finally arrived today.  YAY!  I've been really looking forward to it.  I'm going to use it as a meal replacement in the morning so tomorrow will be my first time, if you will. =) I have some of my unboxing pictures below.  My PB2 will be here tomorrow afternoon and Em is going to pick up some almond milk so I should be rocking by Thursday.  More about that tomorrow!

All in all it was a good day and even though I am pretty tired, I feel ready and excited for my cardio day with Sweat 1-2...

Until then... =)

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