Friday, June 10, 2011

Power 90 - Week 2, Day 6! End of week 2...

It's hard to believe its been two weeks of Power 90 already.  It feels like I just started this workout.  I was actually a bit sluggish this morning during Sweat 1-2 but I felt like I was sticking with Tony pretty well.  My legs are still my weak point.  I feel  a TON more flexible though. I can pull my head to my knee on the hamstring stretches... Which I haven't been able to do since my MMA classes...  I'll have to admit that on Fridays I'm glad to know that I get a rest day right after... 
Again, I am amazed by how pleasant I feel after drinking my Shakeology... AND how much energy I have.  The rush is really amazing.  I am still adding my one scoop of strawberry whey protein and two tablespoons of PB2.  I will probably get chocolate whey next time since the strawberry is not my favorite flavor of whey protein.  I thought that maybe I would be more hungry mid morning since I was only drinking Shakeology for breakfast, but not at all.  I feel full and satisfied was surprised when I realized it was snack time. =)

I think the combination of exercise, nutrition and supplements have really helped me feel like I'm 10 years younger.  It's a really strong motivator for me.  I remember how I felt after fast food and a few light beers.  There is no comparison.  I always wondered why the people who were in shape were so outgoing and enthusiastic... lol  (You know the type I am talking about.)   Now I think I understand.  A greater passion for life because you are experiencing more of it.  And its of a higher quality.  I commit to myself every day that those fast food, snacks and beer days are over.

Well, tomorrow should be a blast.  It's my 6 year anniversary!  I am going out to eat but I'm not too worried.  Alot of places have very good grilled chicken dinners with steamed veggies these days.  No plans on cheating for this guy. =)  

I'm also taking my Day 15 measurements, weight and pictures so that should be cool.  I'm still a bit apprehensive about posting anything yet until I have the results I want.  We'll see though..

I will try to check in tomorrow.  Happy Friday All! 

Oh, and don't watch this video... You've been warned...

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